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Encore un acteur méconnu qui mérite le détour ...

Lost - FILMS - perdus

Parmi les films qui semblent perdus ou simplement introuvables (2010) :
 (44 films au total, dont deux retrouvés récemment, voir NEWS)

1937 The Devil Is Driving
Paul Driscoll

1934  West of the Pecos
Pecos Smith

1931 Young Donovan's Kid
Jim Donovan

1929 The Love Doctor
Dr. Gerald Summer

1928 Moran of the Marines
Michael Moran
1928 Warming Up
Bert Tulliver

1928 Easy Come, Easy Go
Robert Parker
1928 Sporting Goods
Richard Shelby

1927 The Gay Defender
Joaquin Murrieta

1927 Shanghai Bound
Jim Bucklin

1927 Man Power
Tom Roberts

1927 Knockout Reilly
Dundee 'Knockout' Reilly

1927 Paradise for Two
Steve Porter

1927 California or Bust
1926 The Quarterback
Jack Stone

1926 Say It Again
Bob Howard

1926 Let's Get Married
Billy Dexter

1925 Men and Women
Will Prescott

1925 The Shock Punch  - RETROUVE (2010)
Randall Lee Savage

1925 A Man Must Live
Geoffrey Farnell

1925 Too Many Kisses
Richard Gaylord, Jr

1924 Manhattan
Peter Minuit

1924 Sinners in Heaven
Alan Croft

1924 Unguarded Women
Douglas Albright

1924 Icebound
Ben Jordan

1924 The Stranger
Larry Darrant
1923 The Call of the Canyon - RETROUVE (octobre 2010)
Glenn Kilbourne

1923 To the Last Man
Jean Isbel
1923 Racing Hearts
Robby Smith

1923 The Woman with Four Faces
Richard Templar

1923 Quicksands
Lt. Bill

1923 The Christian
John Storm

1922 The Sin Flood
Bill Bear

1922 The Bonded Woman
Lee Marvin

1922 The Wall Flower
Walt Breen

1922 Fools First
Tommy Frazer

1922 Yellow Men and Gold

1922 The Glorious Fool
Billy Grant

1921 The Poverty of Riches
John Colby

1921 Dangerous Curve Ahead
Harley Jones

1921 All's Fair in Love
Bobby Cameron

1921 Not Guilty
Paul/Arthur Ellison (twins)

1917 One of Many
James Lowery (butler)